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1. Analyse your current environment.
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2. Track your status as an ECO Harmony Leader.
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3. Take action to improve both.

ECO Harmony Compass

The ECO Harmony Compass™ is a self-assessment tool which helps you identify your current stage in the journey to becoming an ECO Harmony Leader, one who can confidently create a harmonious environment by implementing aspects of biophilic design. By navigating the ECO Harmony Compass™, you will gain insight as to how your employees, students, or visitors perceive their surroundings, and assess your ECO Harmony leadership.

Your guide

Dr Renata Buziak

About Renata

Dr Renata Buziak, ECO Harmony Guide, is a biochrome artist, researcher and educator working at the nexus of art and science, with a particular interest in nature. Her photographic research is based in plant life, and she has a PhD in Visual Art from Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, and has previously taught there and at other academic institutions. By bending the rules of traditional photography by letting photographic materials interact with organic matter, Renata developed a unique process of creating art that she calls the biochrome. These images help her and others connect with nature. Renata’s biochromes have been displayed in solo and group exhibitions, nationally and internationally. She has received a number of awards for her work, and it is featured in private and public collections. Renata’s innovative process led her to work with homeowners, business owners and leaders to help enhance the experience of their spaces in harmony with the natural world. Currently, as the ECO Harmony Guide, she takes her clients on a journey of becoming ECO Harmony Leaders.


Recent work



Emerge: Be the Unmistakable Authority in Your Field. Co-authored with Brian Tracy, Jayne Lowell, Steve Lowell and other experts in their fields from all over the world.

This publication features my chapter: “Harmony in Leadership? – On Becoming an ECO Harmony Leader”.

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Corporate Portfolio

Click here to view some of my recent corporate and public art projects.

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Biochrome Art

Visit my art website to find out more about my biochrome art, and view info about recent exhibitions and workshops.

Video Testimonial

Cheryl Desha & Maureen Gubbels

Engineering, Technology and Aviation building tour highlights by Associate Professor Cheryl Desha, End-User Coordinator Academic.

Cheryl discusses several features of biochrome art at the new Griffith University building located in Toohey Forest. Working with Renata allowed for creating a welcoming, inspirational and harmonious environment, that also provides practical solutions as emphasised by Technical Officer Maureen Gubbels.

Renata-Buziak_Medicinal-Plants-Griffith-University-Academic-engineering-Building-N79_Level1-Brisbane_ECO-Harmony-Compass -
Renata-Buziak_Medicinal-Plants-Griffith-University-Academic-Building-N79-Brisbane_Level1_Lab_ECO-Harmony-Compass -
Renata-Buziak_Medicinal-Plants-Griffith-University-Academic-engineering-Building-N79_Level3-Brisbane_ECO-Harmony-Compass -
Renata-Buziak_Medicinal-Plants-Griffith-University-Academic-Building-N79-Brisbane_Level1_Studio_ECO-Harmony-Compass -
Renata-Buziak_Medicinal-Plants-Griffith-University-Academic-Building-N79-Brisbane_Reception_ECO-Harmony-Compass -
Renata-Buziak_Medicinal-Plants-Griffith-University-Academic-engineering-Building-N79_Level3-meeting-room-Brisbane_ECO-Harmony-Compass -

What clients say:

“The artwork provides inspiration for creativity …a similar feeling to when you are outside in the bush and you can see through trees, you can see through the foliage, but you don’t experience full visibility of the other person or group. That really has helped us to create these open spaces that feel safe and welcoming.”

Cheryl Desha

Associate Professor, End-User Coordinator Academic, Griffith University

“There is a complement between your art and the fabric of the cosmos. The fluidity and lucidity of your art just re-inspired that whole aspect of the film.”

Film: 5 Moons of Pluto

Bradford Lee Walton

Writer and film director, Cleveland Film Company, Brisbane

What you Get

ECO harmony Compass

Analyse your current environment
Track your status as an ECO Harmony Leader
Take action to improve both

There are 4 stages on the ECO Harmony Compass™

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1. Stagnation

The first stage on the ECO Harmony Compass is Stagnation.  

In this first stage, you will notice feelings of resistance and disengagement among the occupants (employees, students or visitors). The confines of your surroundings may be restricting you from moving your ideas forward. You don’t know what to do, and therefore remain in one spot for a long time.

2. Wander

The second stage is Wander.

In this stage, you are experimenting with multiple options to re-shape your environment. You sense a lack of purpose and direction, leading you and your employees/participants to have unsettled feelings of frustration, distress and chaos.

3. Nascence

The third stage is Nascence.  

In this stage, you are beginning to channel your focus in a direction with great potential, but you don’t know how to apply your ideas on improving the environment or how long it might take to implement them.

4. ECO

The fourth stage is what I call the Environment Connector Origination – ECO. This is where you want to be. 

In this fourth and final stage, you recognise that the expansion of the human experience can flourish within an inclusive and re-energised environment. You have an appreciation of the symbiotic partnership between a space and its occupants, and have transformed the space into an organisational ecosystem where harmony and collaboration thrive.


ECO Harmony Compass

Answer the questions in this self-assessment worksheet to help you create inspirational and harmonious environments that promote creativity and engagement and that further motivate deep care through art & science research.

As the ECO, you are the Environment Connection Originator who promotes a harmonious environment in which your employees and audiences can thrive. Creativity, productivity, motivation, and engagement are all sustained through surroundings that are harmonious with the natural environment and nourish individual wellbeing.

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